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What Is The Difference Between Anavar Pills 50 mg and Winstrol?

The success of Anavar Pills 50 mg in bodybuilding consists of three main components: regular training – complete rest – quality food. Each of them is a purely individual matter that requires a serious approach and study in accordance with the characteristics of a particular organism. But there are similarities that are true for everyone. In particular, the periodic occurrence of States of “stagnation”, when the athlete ceases to progress, falls motivation for training.

Of course, you shouldn’t swing “on the machine”, receiving no increase in strength and mass. Checked the tool out of the “stagnation” – the right combination of sports nutrition. Beginners in bodybuilding is unlikely to immediately begin to take sports nutrition. With the exception of ectomorphy – people, slim build, which was originally incredibly difficult to achieve muscle growth. However, further, as you move up the steps of the “iron sport”, without a sportpit can not do. If, of course, there is a goal to achieve any significant results.

Supplements number one and two in the “hit parade” steroids is Winstrol 50 mg and Anavar pills 50 mg. Consider in detail the difference between Anavar pills 50 mg and Winstrol 50 mg and what their specific effects on the athlete’s body are.

Anavar Pills 50 mg Is The Best Protein Source!

The increase in muscle mass and progress in strength indicators, improving the efficiency of training, getting rid of the fat layer, high not only muscle, but also the overall vitality – these are the goals that you need to set yourself in the gym.

Training regularly and dedication, it is important not to forget about the necessary “fuel” for the growth of their muscles. The main “building material”, the very basis of muscle tissue is protein. If it is not present in the diet of the athlete in sufficient quantities, even the most diligent training will not bring the desired result. A person will become strong, strong, sinewy, but massive muscles will not increase.

After all, classes with weights become a serious load, stress for the body. And if there is a lack of protein, the process of catabolism starts when the body extracts protein amino acids from muscle fibers. To prevent the development of this process, but rather to ensure the systematic growth of muscle mass, and it is necessary to feed protein in sufficient quantities.

Winstrol 50 mg is Latin and means “protein”, and all Winstrol 50 mg supplements contain such a high its percentage, which is not found in any of the conventional products. Winstrol is an all-natural product of organic rather than synthetic origin. In the gastrointestinal tract, Winstrol is broken down into individual amino acids and peptides, which help the muscles to increase in volume.

If Anavar pills 50 mg is also needed for muscle building, then what is the difference between Anavar and Winstrol? First, the fact that the composition of Anavar is not dominated by proteins and carbohydrates!

pills anavar 50 mg

Carbohydrates Are The Best Anabolic!

If the best building blocks for muscle is protein, the best natural anabolic is carbohydrates. It is carbohydrates that contribute to the activation of anabolic processes (that is, the formation and renewal of structural parts of tissues and muscle cells). The main difference between Anavar 50 mg and Winstrol 50 mg is that the composition of Anavar includes 50 to 80 percent of carbohydrates and only 15-30 percent of protein.

Accordingly, the tasks of Anavar pills are somewhat different: to provide the athlete with a powerful boost of energy, to promote quality muscle recovery after strength training in intensive mode. In addition, Anavar benefits is also a much more caloric product, which is simply irreplaceable when “working on weight”. Is a good help for those athletes who, due to their genetic and physiological characteristics, it is extremely difficult to increase the total body weight.

Modern Anavar pills 50 mg is not only high-carbohydrate, but also multi-component in its composition food additives. To make the carbohydrates they contain actually work effectively as a natural anabolic, Anavar pills also has creatine, vitamins and minerals. It is good to take a dose of Anavar dosage for an hour and a half before strength training. In this case, the carbohydrates entering the body of the athlete give additional energy and help to train even better and more effectively.

The Main Difference Between Anavar Pills 50 mg And Winstrol

So, Anavar and Winstrol 50 mg differ in percentage of proteins and carbohydrates. It is clear that these are multidirectional food additives: Winstrol is a building material for muscle fibers, and Anavar is a source of energy and an accelerator of anabolic processes. And yet, what is the difference between Anavar and Winstrol 50 mg – as to which of the athletes which sportpit option is more suitable?

Anavar pills 50 mg is the # 1 sports Supplement primarily for people of lean physique (ectomorphs) who are not genetically positioned to gain muscle mass. And also for people with high metabolism, not gaining weight even when absorbing a mind-blowing amount of conventional products (about such a popular proverb says: “not in the horse food”).

Winstrol 50 is for those who, on the contrary, are physiologically more inclined to fullness, who do not have any difficulties with weight gain, or want to get rid of extra pounds and “overtake” their fat deposits in the muscles. The main goal bodybuilders such genetic types of is not so much mass, how many the quality of muscle. But in General, in theory. In practice, you can and should use both supplements in the complex. For example: Anavar pills 50 mg – in advance before, and Winstrol 50– immediately after training. Experimentally, each bodybuilder can and should itself identify the optimal system of “feeding” the body, which gives the best result.

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