rexobol how much to take

Rexobol How Much To Take?

For most users, Rexobol is noticeably less effective than injections. There is no logical explanation and scientific justification for this.

Since these pills alkylated for 17-alpha, it seems incredible that the “first pass” through the liver a part of the substance is inactivated, so that such a possibility disappears. One reason may be that most athletes take insufficient amounts of Rexobol. If we take into account the fact that Winstrol Depot, as a rule, inject 50 mg per day or at least 50 mg every second day, and compare it with the daily dose of tablets taken, then this opinion is confirmed. Since there are only Rexobol 10 mg, 5 tablets should be taken daily to achieve the same dose. But this is unrealistic for most for two reasons: on the one hand, a sufficiently high cost of the oral drug, on the other – with prolonged use of such a large number of tablets, gastrointestinal disorders may appear, as well as undesirable changes in liver parameters, since the tablets, like most oral steroids are alkylated by 17-alpha and pose a threat to this organ.

How To Take Rexobol for Men & Women?

Male athletes with access to Winstrol Depot prefer the injection form. Women most often prefer Rexobol. And that makes sense, because they need a smaller daily dose of Stanozolol, which is 10-20 mg per day. As a result, the daily dose is reduced to 1-2 tablets, so gastrointestinal disorders and increased liver performance are rare. Another reason that women take oral medication is that the dose can be evenly distributed throughout the day. The advantage of this approach is that androgen-related side effects (the phenomenon of masculinization) can be nullified, and a significant increase in the level of androgens in the blood does not occur, as it happens with 50 mg injections.

how to take rexobol

Best Time To Take Rexobol

Athletes who decide to try Rexobol should take a daily dose in two large doses, usually in the morning and in the evening during meals, drinking tablets with liquid.

This ensures good digestibility of the active chemical and at the same time minimizes the possibility of gastrointestinal disorders.

In the us market at the moment, Rexobol is represented by the following products: Rexobol 10 Alpha Pharma, Stan-Max Maxtreme Pharma and StanoPrime Eminence Labs.

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