myths about andriol side effects

Myths about Andriol Side Effects

Andriol is essentially a normal steroid. However, as a lot of criticism in its address you can find on the different forums. Today we decided to debunk the main myths about Andriol side effects, which can scare a beginner.

The List of Myths about Andriol Side Effects

Myth 1

Andriol is a steroid only for bodybuilders. Andriol steroid is used by almost all athletes who spend a lot of energy, runners, swimmers, players of football and hockey teams. Those who are engaged in fitness and just wants to bring their figure in order, also resort to testosterone steroids.

Myth 2

Andriol side effects is a solid “chemistry”. Andriol is extracted by various processing technologies (purification, filtration, etc.) from natural products – meat, eggs, soy, fish and milk. Therefore, chemical additives in its composition are out of the question. Sometimes the composition of Andriol steroid may include a small amount of flavoring, but they are absolutely harmless.

Myth 3

Andriol “kills” kidneys and liver. Perhaps the start of these misconceptions gave the distant period when bodybuilders resorted to anabolic steroids to build muscle. Just these drugs and led to dysfunction of the liver and kidneys. Theoretically, the testosterone undecanoate can have a negative impact on the body, hitting it in incredibly large quantities.

Myth 4

Muscles will grow when taking Andriol side effects and without exercise. No. Muscle Andriol only increases the effectiveness of sports and provides muscle growth. It will give the result only in combination with training.

Myth 5

Taking Andriol steroid is enough only on the day of training. In order for muscles to grow we need good nitrogen balance in the body. To support its need to constantly, because the muscles do not grow during training and around the clock, and especially during sleep. Replenishing your diet with testosterone undecanoate every day, you give your muscles the necessary material for “building”.

Myth 6

It is necessary to use only fast Andriol. That’s not so. Again, in order for the muscles to grow, a positive nitrogen balance in the body is necessary. Andriol, which are rapidly digested, give a sharp boost to the growth of testosterone undecanoate in the blood, but this will be followed by a decline. Therefore, the most effective use of fast and slow XXXX together: before loading – fast testosterone, and before bedtime – Andriol, which lasts 5 hours and slows the breakdown of proteins in tissues.

andriol side effects

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