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Stanoprime or Winstrol (Stanozolol) is an anabolic steroid drug, a derivative of dehydrotestosterone. There are several types – tablets and injection. This drug is strictly prohibited for use in all sports, is an aggressive doping agent. Despite the prohibitions, is commonly used in bodybuilding, light and heavy athletics, as well as, fighting without rules.

Effects of Stanozolol

  1. Significantly affects the drawing of the relief.
  2. Strengthens fat burning and significantly exudes veins.
  3. The effectiveness of drying the body when taking Winstrol increases significantly.
  4. Significantly increases the appetite.
  5. Removes excess fluid from the body.
  6. They note an increased effectiveness of steroids in combination with stanozolol, due to the fact that this substance lowers the
  7. level of globulin by more than 45%.
  8. It has anti-estrogenic and anti-progestogenic effects.
  9. On the Winstrol cycle in an athlete, indicators of strength and endurance.

Side effects

The drug reacts aggressively to the body, despite compliance with the prescribed dose, side effects occur in 90% of cases.

  1. In men, effects such as hair loss and the appearance of acne, prostate problems, and hyperpigmentation of the skin appear. In women, a manifestation of virilization, problems with the menstrual cycle, and ovarian disruption were observed.
  2. Periodic increase in blood pressure.
  3. Level cholesterol jumps.
  4. Severe soreness of the injection, which is characteristic of an aqueous suspension of stanozolol.
  5. Possible release of toxins in the liver.
  6. With uncontrolled intake of high doses of Winstrol, such a side effect as myocardial hypertrophy is likely.

Recommendations for taking the drug (cycle)

Many professional bodybuilders undergo a stanozolol cycle during drying to achieve faceted relief and venousness. The positive point is that, despite the fact that the drug is used during drying, the strength indicators increase. Suitable for athletes, the percentage of subcutaneous fat in which no more than 50%.

  1. Depending on the sport in which you want to achieve certain goals, you should expect the dosage. Athletes and wrestlers use doses of up to 10 milligrams per day. Bodybuilders and heavy athletes share the daily dose of Winstrol several times: 15 milligrams (tablets) or 15-20 milligrams (injections).
  2. The duration of the cycle should not be more than 6 weeks, the risk of damage to the internal organs, especially the liver, is too great.
  3. Post-cycle therapy is strongly recommended, as stanozolol significantly inhibits the internal organs.
  4. In combination with this anabolic steroid, it is advisable to take sports supplements that improve the relief of muscle fibers.
  5. Many athletes who have not once stole the effectiveness of Winstrol (stanozolol) on themselves say that the effect of the drug is significantly improved if used in conjunction with testosterone.

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