HCG 5000IU



HCG 5000IU stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is the active ingredient in this injectable hormone. Created by Bharat Serums, this drug is used as a complimentary drug to athletes that are on an anabolic steroid cycle to help the body naturally balance levels of testosterone that can be lost.


Effects Of HCG 1000IU

Only used when athletes are taking a cycle of strong anabolic steroids, this drug will increase the natural production of testosterone that is lost. One injection can increase natural production of testosterone in the user by up to 300%, helping to get back to normal levels once the steroids are no longer being taken.


How To Use HCG 5000IU

It is important to note that the dosage depends on the individual and the cycle of steroids that they have been using. Typically, a lot of athletes follow a dosage schedule of 1500 IU injected once every 5 days. The dosage length should last no longer than 4 weeks, otherwise there will be adverse reactions to the drug.


Potential Side Effects

Side effects will generally only occur if dosage limits or lengths have been exceeded. Some side effects can include testicular problems, gynecomastia, water retention and skin rash.

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