Avana 200


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Avana 200 – the latest drug with the active ingredient Avanafil in the maximum amount allowed for use – 200 mg. Manufacturer – Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd. – a company with a worldwide reputation. Of course, you understand that world fame is won for a reason. Therefore, all products manufactured by the company are effective, safe and reliable. And this is no doubt.

What is Avana 200 and its benefits?

  • Avana 200 – the newest substance, developed in 2010. Science does not stand still. Therefore, the drug has a number of significant advantages compared with previous means of similar action. What are these advantages?
  • It is hardly necessary to explain that the faster the action of a drug comes, the better it ensures spontaneity, unpredictability in sex. Only 15 minutes after the reception – and you will feel the strength and full readiness for it. If AVANA 200 becomes your constant companion, then the time of the onset of the action will be even shorter, since the drug Avana 200 tends to accumulate in the body.
  • Those who understand the beauty of a romantic feast before sex will appreciate the importance of another advantage of Avana 200 – the possibility of taking it along with alcohol and fatty foods.
  • The ability to use the medicine several times a day will provide endless enjoyment. Just remember that your forces are not limitless and you need to spend them economically.
  • Action Avana 200 lasts from six hours and longer. This is the best time to get a lot of pleasure.
  • It is hardly possible to overestimate the fact that Avana-200 very rarely causes side effects. This means that most men, following all instructions, can safely use the drug.
  • Unlike other similar means, AVANA 200 can be used by men of different ages, even the most elderly, if they show an interest in sex. Do not interfere with and liver and kidney disease.


Avana 200 is a medication and can only be taken after examination and prescription by the attending physician. The site administration is not responsible for side effects and any harm to health associated with self-medicating drugs based on Tadalafil.

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