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Altamofen-10 or Tamoxifen citrate (Nolvadex) is a medical product, on a chemical basis, is rarely found in the world. After all, this drug is completely unique, it differs significantly from similar means. Doctors refer him to the group of sex hormones. Like any other medical medicine, the use of tamoxifen is strictly prescribed by a doctor. Self-administration of tamoxifen may adversely affect your health.

Drug effects

  1. Almost immediately after use, the drug increases the level of cholesterol in the blood. This significantly reduces the risk of heart disease. After all, as you know, many bodybuilding athletes can suffer from such diseases;
  2. Compared with other drugs, since tamoxifen is a very light estrogen, it does not harm the internal organs, but on the contrary, has a positive effect on the human body;
  3. Tamoxifen is much safer than other drugs. Even its long use does not bear special harm to the body.

Side effects of the drug

Like any other medical device, tamoxifen has a number of side effects:

Because of its structure, the drug inhibits the growth of insulin-like factor in the human body;
Tamoxifen is very slow. Its action takes place over many hours. This is especially noticeable at the initial stage of adoption;

The disadvantages include the fact that many physicians in bodybuilding advise athletes to take tamoxifen along with other drugs. Very often it is advised to use it with Proviron. After all, this drug is able to burn excess fat in the body. As you can see, there is clearly indicated another drawback of the drug.

How to take Tamoxifen

Taking Tamoxifen after a cycle of steroids is recommended to combine with aromatase inhibitors, the most popular of which is Proviron. Tamoxifen as the main means of PCT is used in dosages from 10 to 20 milligrams daily, starting from the last week of the cycle and ending with the second week after its completion. If Proviron is not accepted, Tamoxifen is switched on a little later – at week 2, and ends 2-3 weeks after its cancellation.

Please note that the highest level of estrogen is observed in the body at the end of the first week of the AAS cycle. As for how to take Tamoxifen in bodybuilding on the cycle of steroids that does not have the effect of flavoring, it is recommended to add it only at the end of the cycle.

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