Turinabol 10



Turinabol 10 is an orally taken steroid which is a modified version of Methandienone, with the active ingredient being 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone. Created by Alpha Pharma, this substance allows athletes to gain pure muscle mass without any of the water retention generally associated with steroids of the same caliber.


Effects Of Turinabol 10

With an anabolic rate of 180% of the natural body’s levels, and an androgenic level of less than 50% of the regular levels, this drug offers the prospect of no aromatization for the user. Some of the main effects users will notice during a cycle of Turinabol 10 are:

  • Increased strength and endurance indicators
  • Improvements in the cardiovascular system
  • Noticeable high quality muscle mass gains with no water retention
  • Minimized effect of the rollback phenomenon


How To Use Turinabol 10

For users taking the drug for the first time it is recommended that the starting dosage is 40-60mg per day. For more experienced users the dosage can be increased to 100-150mg per day. If training goals are geared toward aerobic gains 20-30mg per day is a suitable amount for the user. The daily dosage amounts should be divided into smaller portions throughout the day to keep hormone levels balanced throughout the cycle. Cycle length should be no longer than 6 weeks in duration.

Many athletes prefer to combine Turinabol 10 with Testosterone Enanthate and Boldenone to maximize their gains during their cycle. When combining, an ideal dosage is 250mg of Testosterone weekly, paired with 50mg of Turinabol daily.

It is important to do post-cycle therapy when the cycle is complete if the cycle is longer than 6 weeks. This can be done using Tamoxifen and should not last longer than 2-4 weeks in duration.


Potential Side Effects

Due to the toxicity levels of the drug, forms of liver disease can manifest if doses are too large or persist for too long. Other side effects possible in this case are also acne, balding, and sexual dysfunction if the dosage levels are exceeded.


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