Tretiva 20


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Tretiva 20 (Isotretinoin) is a real breakthrough in the development of treatments for acne skin. It is a drug that can rid the patient of acne forever in just one course of treatment. It works on a simple principle, acting on the sebaceous glands, causing them to secrete less sebum. No sebum, no acne.

Tretiva 20 is considered one of the miraculous drugs of the 21st century, as it can change a person’s life. In the process of treatment, the patient is strengthened self-confidence and increased self-esteem.

Tretiva 20 effects

Fast skin cleansing at the beginning of the course of treatment.
Reasonable price in our pharmacy.
Prevent the formation of new eels.
Minimum side effects.

Side effects

Generic is a safe drug, but sometimes there are side effects in which you should stop treatment and contact your healthcare professional. These phenomena are:

  • Skin – itching, peeling of the skin, skin rash in rare cases.
  • Organs of vision – burning sensation and dryness in the eyes, difficulty in using contact lenses, in rare cases cataracts develop.
  • The nervous system – pain in the head, dizziness, fatigue, in rare cases – depressive state.
  • Digestive organs – dryness in the mouth, colitis, inflammation of the oral mucosa.


Drug dosage

In one tablet is 20 mg of active ingredient.

Is there a difference between generic accutane and a real drug? Many patients worry that this generic will not help them get rid of acne vulgaris. It is in vain, because the production of such a drug used a similar active ingredient in the same amount as in the original tool. There may be slight differences in the appearance of the tablets, as well as in the design of the package, but this does not affect the principle of action. That is why you can safely buy accutane in our pharmacy at a reduced price and make your dream of clean skin a reality!

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