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Trenoprime or Trenbolone acetate is a substance derived from nandrolone, but significantly different from its predecessor. Nandrolone under the action of the enzyme turns into dihydronandrolone, which becomes so weak that it has no tangible effect on the body.


Here are all the effects of this steroid on the bodybuilder’s body:

  1. weight gain of an athlete due to muscle tissue;
  2. decrease in fat mass due to enhanced production of growth hormone;
  3. while taking the drug, the libido rises, and after it is canceled it decreases dramatically due to a decrease in the production of our own testosterone;
  4. growth hormone is almost doubled;
  5. cortisol levels decrease;
  6. increase power abilities.

Side effects

Having ventured to receive this androgenic steroid, one should be prepared for a number of negative actions, such as:

  1. taking steroids leads to the development of hypertension;
  2. skin secretes a large amount of oily secretion; acne can appear;
  3. irritability, sometimes even aggression;
  4. decrease in sexual desire after withdrawal drugs, sometimes testicular atrophy.

If Clenbuterol is included in the cycle of taking trenbolone, then the development of the above side effects is accelerated. To prevent the development of these undesirable manifestations, gonadotropin and cabergoline may be taken.

How to take trenbolone

When taking this anabolic steroid should follow a number of principles:

  1. not to increase the prescribed dose (Trenbolone acetate 350 mg per day, Trenbolone enanthate – 300 mg per week);
  2. reception begins with a small dose (check the body’s response to the drug, track the occurrence of side effects);
  3. the cycle should not be longer than 6 weeks in the absence of gonadotropin;
  4. post-cycle therapy should begin 2 weeks after the end of the last cycle;
  5. to restore your own androgen products, you should start taking a testosterone booster from the first day of the last week of the
  6. cycle and take it within 4 weeks;
  7. To get the desired effect while taking the drug, take a sports nutrition and a special protein diet.

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