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Tren Tabs or Methyltrienolone has a strong androgenic effect. Due to the increase in natural sex hormones in the blood, periods of fatigue during intense loads are significantly reduced, and physical strength increases. Like acetate, Tren Tabs does not accumulate in the body, which eliminates overdose or hormonal balance shifts. After taking the total metabolism increases, and water is effectively removed from the tissues, which will help the athlete to fully prepare for the competition. The combination of anabolic with a course of a protein diet allows you to achieve maximum results. Androgenic activity of the drug increases the elasticity and tone of the blood vessels, reduces the toxic effect of lactic acid and accelerates recovery periods.

Regular intake of Tren Tabs contributes to the formation of the correct forms and rough muscle contours, making them more prominent and expressive. The simultaneous intake of all forms of Trenbolone with Oxandrolone helps to increase physical strength and duration of exercise. An important feature of the rapid removal of excess fluid contributes to the effective building up of muscle mass, the formation of anatomically correct and pumped muscles.


A significant increase in physical strength and muscle mass is observed with a combination of Trenbolone drugs with Winstrol injections.

Tren Tabs: ​​application

The optimal concentration for a beginner bodybuilder is 80-100 mg. It is recommended to start taking anabolic steroids with the most fast-acting acetate form. Side effects are unlikely and at the first symptoms should stop or change the steroid. At the initial stages it is not recommended to resort to the use of enanthrate forms due to the longer period of withdrawal of the agent. For maximum effectiveness, 37.5–50 mg should be administered up to two times daily, in the absence of an allergic reaction to injections.


Experienced athletes are required to take higher dosage of steroids. In some cases, experienced athletes are required to consume more than 350–500 mg of anabolic steroids every day during the week.

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