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Under the name Thyro3, ​​the drug Liothyronine (T3) is marketed. A substance with an active action does not belong to the category of steroids. This substance is produced by the thyroid gland, it is also called triiodothyronine. Hormones that are produced by the thyroid are divided into two types of T3 and T4. They contain tyrosine (an amino acid substance) and three particles of iodine, T4 contains four iodine particles. T4 is slowly transformed into T3 in the process of entering from the thyroid into the blood and then spreading through the cells of the body.


Thyro3 actively affects the exchange reactions in the body. If this substance is not enough, there is an increase in body weight, an increase in adipose tissue. Even diet food and sports do not help in such a case. The person feels a breakdown, quickly gets tired. When an excess of this hormone is observed, the body weight decreases, but the appetite is good, the body temperature rises slightly.

This is the specificity of the effects on the body Thyro3. When you take this drug accelerated metabolic processes in the body. This substance breaks down fats into acids and sugars, thus clearing the body of excess fat from the body. Guomon gives the body energy, this is manifested in increasing endurance, improving the overall physical condition and vital attitude. We can say that this drug gives a charge of optimism. There are other drugs that are based on lyothyraninsodium, which give good results in burning fat, for example, clenbuterol.

Side effects

On the other hand, when abused, Thyro3 pills can cause side effects, in particular lead to increased catabolism. There may be a violation of the natural function of the thyroid gland and inhibition of TSH production. Other possible side effects are: allergic reactions, progression of heart failure and angina pectoris. In case of overdose: excessive sweating, irritability, digestive disorders (diarrhea), headaches, tremors and other abnormalities.

How to use Thyro3

It was found that taking Thyro3 with steroids has a good effect. Just taking steroids does not achieve such results. The reason for this is clear, T3 speeds up metabolism, therefore, the creation of protein is more intense, the body receives additional energy due to split fats. Due to this muscle mass increases in a short time. Bodybuilders will appreciate this drug. T3 reduces the amount of fat and gives excellent results.

Thyro3 should be used with caution, the first dose should be small (no more than 25 µg). The dosage is increased gradually, in ten days it is possible to bring the dose up to 100 μg. During this time, the body adapts to the hormone. You can not use the substance for more than one and a half months, it can impair the functioning of the thyroid gland. It is advisable to consult with a physician before using the drug.

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