Testocyp vial



Testocyp vial or Testosterone Cypionate in the United States is the most beloved and widely used testosterone. Although Testosterone Cypionate is known in Europe, its availability here until recently was very low. Testosterone Cypionate is the longest form of testosterone known to date. For sporting purposes, not only men, but also women use the male hormone for a long time. Thanks to the intake of testosterone, there is a significant increase in the basic physiological parameters, which invariably affects the improvement of the results obtained during training.


The use of this steroid has the following positive effects:

  1. Increases muscle mass. Against the background of cypionate intake, increased cell hydration occurs. Water is a significant proportion of the volume recruited by the athlete. Muscles acquire a visually attractive and pronounced appearance. The accumulation of fluid causes the hair dryer rollback after completion of the cycle. Water accounts for up to one third of the total mass of growth.
  2. Strength indicators are rising.
  3. Erythrocyte synthesis is stimulated. An increase in the oxygen mass in the blood allows the muscles to function much more efficiently, which has a positive effect on the athlete’s endurance.
  4. Spermatogenesis and sexual behavior is provided.
  5. The quality of phosphate exchange is increased.
  6. There is a positive nitrogen balance. The amount of protein synthesized is much higher than the breakdown.

Possible side effects

Steroid shows a high level of aromatization. Consequently, along with an increase in muscle mass, the concentration of estrogen increases, which is the cause of the development of such a disease as gynecomastia, accompanied by compaction and swelling of the area around the nipples. To prevent the risks of gyno, athletes take aromatase blockers and Nolvadex or Clomid, which are antiestrogens.

Testosterone Cypionate cycle

The optimal frequency of injection is considered once every seven days. Prolonged action of cypionate allows you to take a steroid and less, but this pattern of performing injections does not provide the optimally high level of hormone concentration. Athletes seeking to gain muscle mass, you need to focus on the daily dosage of 250-500 milligrams.

Testosterone Cypionate solo cycles allow you to get high results. They are great for novice athletes who do not need to take additional drugs. It should be understood that an increase in the optimal injection rate of more than 800 milligrams will not allow for a more pronounced anabolic effect, but the chances of side effects will increase.

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