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Sibutros 15 is a drug with main active ingredient in the drug is sibutramine, which is used by athletes during the cutting period. It is actively used in various sports, including bodybuilding, athletics, and fitness. Also, it is used by lovers who want to lose weight. In structure, Sibutros 15 is similar to amphetamines, but does not have their biological properties. Sibutros 15 is a centrally acting drug that belongs to serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine reuptake inhibitors. Due to this, the number of these mediators in the inter-synaptic space increases.

Sibutros 15 effects

The effect of Sibutros 15 is that it suppresses appetite. It affects the center, which is responsible for the consumption of food, which allows the athlete to control the amount of food consumed.
Properly selected dosage of Sibutros 15, provides suppression of hunger, speeding up the metabolism, speeding up the process of splitting body fat.

Side effects

Adverse reactions for the drug, the patient is rare. They can occur only with a significant excess dosage. There may be an increase in pulse rate of 3–20 beats per minute and an increase in blood pressure.

Instructions for use

  • The initial dose for admission to a concentration of 15 mg – recommendation, which contains instructions for use (attached to this tool). At occurrence of unpleasant sensations, the fractional principle of supplementation is acceptable – 2 times a day, 5 mg. Admission rules:
    Eating on an empty stomach;
  • The permissibility of combining with food;
  • Reception with a glass of clean water;
  • The recommended time is morning.

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