Pharma Test Oil Base 100


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Pharma Test Oil Base 100 (Testosterone Suspension) is an injectable steroid containing pure testosterone (without esters) on a water basis. The preparation is testosterone crystals suspended in an aqueous solution, which, after prolonged settling, are deposited on the bottom of the ampoule, forming stratifications of the active substance. Before injection, the ampoule with the suspension must be gently shaken, preferably without foaming, and only after that you can give an injection.


The drug is very popular with athletes. Especially, interest has increased in recent years, which immediately gave “freedom of action” to small pharmaceutical companies. This means that they began to produce fakes of the drug, which in turn are not of high quality. But even despite such difficulties, the suspension of testosterone does not lose its relevance among professional bodybuilders. This steroid is valuable because it allows you to gain quality muscle mass, and subsequently, not to lose it. I mean, the steroid does not have a strong recoil. Of course a few pounds of muscle you lose, but no more. Actually, there are very few drugs which are characterized by an indicator of weak recoil.

Side effects

Suspension has a traditional set of side effects for any testosterone. A suspension of testosterone is easily converted into estrogen, so gynecomastia may develop during the cycle, which can become a serious problem without taking anti-estrogens. For people who are predisposed to the appearance and exacerbation of gyno, I recommend to stock up in advance with tamoxifen or anastrozole. It is also very important to monitor the state of arterial and renal pressure, which are affected by fluid retention in the body.

Although the testosterone suspension has almost no toxic effect on the liver, in large doses it can negatively affect the kidneys. Converting to dihydrotestosterone can bring such effects as: acne, oily skin, aggressiveness, increased hair growth on the face and body. When receiving the suspension, there is an ultra-rapid decrease in the production of endogenous dough followed by testicular atrophy, this effect can be minimized by properly drawing up a scheme for using gonadotropin, clomid and other special preparations for recovery.


It is believed that a testosterone suspension will be sufficient to be administered every other day or two days during the cycle. This is the dose that can be as effective as possible. As for the dosage – from 50 to 300 mg per injection. Those athletes who wish to achieve the maximum effect in a short time, inject, as already stated above, about 150 mg of testosterone per day.

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