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Oxa-Max (Oxandrolone or Anavar) is an anabolic and androgenic steroid. It was first launched on the market in 1964 by SearleLaboratories. In essence, Oxandrolone is an artificial steroid with a heterocyclic A ring in which an oxygen atom replaces a carbon atom. Steroid is very popular due to its low androgenic activity and high anabolic index.

Like many other AAS, oxandrolone was originally developed for medical purposes. It has been used to treat anemia, Turner syndrome, fight HIV infection, strengthen bones and recover from burns. Very little time passed, and Anavar was firmly rooted in sports pharmacology. For competing athletes is a prohibited drug.

Effects of Oxa-Max

  • The main effect of oxandrolone is to increase the STRENGTH and HARDNESS of the MUSCLE.
  • Burns fat
  • Increases strength
  • Increases the level of growth hormone

The cycle of Anavar solo is impractical to use at the stage of gaining muscle mass. The drug is recommended for those athletes who have a decent muscle mass and their goal to burn subcutaneous fat, acquire relief, muscle hardness.

Side Effects of Oxandrolone

  • Hepatoxicity (toxicity to the liver): moderate (mild). Even in spite of the fact that the drug is an alpha-17-alkylated steroid. Studies have shown that taking anavara daily at a dosage of 20 mg did not affect the level of liver enzymes for 12 weeks (these are indicators of liver damage).
  • But if anything happens, you should know the first signs of liver damage: light stools, dark urine, pain in the right hypochondrium.
  • Oxandrolone is not converted to estrogen, i.e. such side effects as gynecomastia, water retention, acne (acne), female deposits, etc. are missing.
  • Oxandrolone has a lesser effect on the level of production of own testosterone (I would say it does not even have a significant effect), but if it is not abused, i.e. in moderate doses, the drug does not inhibit the hypothalamus-pituitary-testes axis. But when the dosages of Anavar are high, the body reacts to this by reducing the production of gonadotropin, thinking that the endogenous level of testosterone is too high. Lack of stimulation of Leydig cells leads to testicular atrophy.
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  • Oxandrolone solo cycle

    Use of Oxa-Max solo is recommended to increase muscle relief. Gaining weight with this steroid is extremely inefficient and very costly from a financial point of view. The best results of the drug shows on athletes with an average content of adipose tissue and sufficient muscle mass. The course of oxandrolone solo lasts 6–8 weeks, with a daily dosage of 20–80 milligrams. Such broad boundaries are due to individual differentiation.

    The determination of the optimal dosage of oxandrolone is carried out on the basis of many factors: experience in the use of anabolic and androgenic steroids, the ultimate goal of the intake, the physiological features of the organism, training methods, etc. In order to get the maximum effect from the course of Anavar solo, you need to undergo a full medical examination and consult a doctor before starting it. During the intake of steroids, it is necessary to monitor physiological parameters and make appropriate adjustments.

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