Masteron 100



Masteron 100, as a medicine, has enjoyed success in treating a progressive inoperable form of breast cancer for two decades in a row. But bodybuilders also used it for cutting purposes, where the drug showed and continues to show its best. But, alas, the original Masteron today can no longer be found, because almost all well-known pharmaceutical brands have been removed from sale. Masteron, however, still has not banned the FDA in the United States. The drug is rarely used in the treatment of breast cancer due to the emergence of more effective treatments, and it is widely in demand in preparing for bodybuilding competitions.

Masteron Effects

  • Without a doubt, the most effective drug will act during cutting. However, for a noticeable result, the athlete must follow a strict diet. Therefore, the drug is used in the last stage of drying, when the percentage of subcutaneous fat is already quite small (no more than 10%).
  • Muscles become stiff, hard, elastic.
  • The skin becomes thinner, the venousness increases.
  • Much marked muscle fibers.
  • Moderate growth of strength, accelerated recovery, increased endurance without undesirable weight gain.
  • Does not aromatize, does not cause side effects associated with estrogen.
  • Does not cause gynecomastia.
  • Does not detain fluid in the body.
  • Masteron is not a hepatotoxic anabolic steroid and does not imply damage to the liver.


Side effects

  • A rather strong manifestation of virilization symptoms in women.
  • Acne, acne on the face and body.
  • Loss or intense hair growth.
  • Increasing LDL cholesterol (“bad” cholesterol) and lowering HDL cholesterol (“good” cholesterol).
  • Significantly inhibits the production of your own testosterone. After the cycle, exogenous steroid hormones are eliminated, production resumes.


Masteron cycle

The standard dosage for adult men is usually 300-400 mg / week, i.e. every other day, 100 mg injection should be given for 6-8 weeks. This term does not mean a full cycle, but rather the time of taking Masteron in combination with other drugs. There are people who inject the drug daily in small doses, but it will be enough to take it every other day. If you can find Drostanolone enanthate (it is very rarely found on the market), do 1-2 injections per week.

As an anticancer therapy of the mammary glands, the standard dosage is 100 mg / 3 times a week. The cycle is 8-12 weeks. The main complications are masculine effects that may become irreversible. But they are better than breast cancer. For a female athlete, 50 mg / week will be more than sufficient, a cycle of 4-6 weeks. Some women are not forbidden to take 100 mg / week, if they normally tolerate this steroid. But nevertheless women need to take such large dosages with caution, taking into account the factor of individual tolerance. Dosages above 100 mg / week or over 4-6 weeks may well lead to masculine effects in varying degrees.

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