Magnum Nandro-Plex 300



Nandro-Plex 300 is a drug that combines two active ingredients – Nandrolone Phenylpropionate, Nandrolone Decanoate.

The main effects of Nandro-Plex 300

  • Low probability of side effects, due to the reduced period of exposure to the body;
  • Rapid restoration of the body’s natural function and endogenous testosterone level after discontinuation;
  • Rehabilitation of health in a short time – in the event of side effects, refusal to take the drug allows you to get rid of the negative effects in a short time.


Disadvantages that athletes may encounter when using Nandro-Plex 300

  • The need for frequent injections, since the absorption and excretion of substances occurs quickly;
  • The discovery of nandrolone metabolites in the body is long, so it should not be consumed by athletes who are regularly tested for doping. Traces of phenylpropionate are detected in tests for 16-18 months, “Deco” can be detected even one year after discontinuation.


Dosage of Nandro-Plex 300

Nandrolone phenylpropionate is a fairly “soft” drug, but it can also cause the appearance of side reactions. A harmless dosage of the drug is a dose of 200 to 400 mg, but in some cases and at lower dosages, the drug caused negative effects, such as headaches and high blood pressure. The drug can be taken by all athletes, regardless of gender. Severe for the health and appearance of women adverse reactions, such as virilization, are completely absent.

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