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D Bol 10 (Danabol, dianabol, methandienone) is the most popular oral steroid. Like many other drugs, methandrostenolone was not originally used in bodybuilding. In particular, it was used to reduce the period of rehabilitation treatment after burns, as well as for women (increase in overall tone). However, after some time, the drug was used by bodybuilders to increase muscle mass.

D Bol 10 effects

The main effect is a rapid increase in muscle mass due to the start of the process of protein synthesis and the breakdown of muscle glycogen. Methandrostenolone is not metabolized in the liver and does not bind to the globulin-carrier of sex hormones in the blood, so the drug acts much stronger than the equivalent amount of testosterone.

  • Increase in power indicators
  • Increased appetite
  • Slight splitting (“burning”) of fat
  • Strengthening the bone system
  • Relatively weak androgenic effect. 2 times less than that of testosterone, but, nevertheless, in experiments a similar effect occurred.

Side effects of the drug

Due to the high androgenic factor, the drug can produce marked acne on both the face and body. Acne usually disappears after the course, but their symptomatic therapy is recommended with anti-inflammatory ointments, and specialized anti-bacterial agents. The drug significantly affects the arc “pituitary-hypothalamus-testicles”, so the level of testosterone levels decreases after the course. If you do not take anti-estrogens, manifestations of gynecomastia are possible, and an increase in body fat mass.

Danabol is toxic to the liver, therefore its use is not recommended for people with liver diseases, as well as those who have had hepatitis. It is better to choose other drugs. It should be understood that the drug will not fulfill the training plan for you, and follow a diet to gain weight. If a person has a problem with the regime, everything that he gets on the course of danabol will be immediately “merged” on the basis of its completion. After the course, it is necessary to reduce the training volume (fewer exercises and approaches), but to keep the intensity (working weights) at the same level. It should rest more between workouts, but concentrate on keeping the working weights. This will help not to “drain” the mass immediately.

D Bol 10 dosage

Often they write that methane must be taken as a “slide”. There is a well-known regimen in which the drug is taken for 5 days, and then, on day 6, a complete rest is given to the body. However, for beginners there is little sense in this. You need to take from 5 to 20 mg per day, while, if the dosage is more than 10 mg, it is necessary to arrange 2 doses. The period of absorption of the drug is 4-5 hours, it is necessary to maintain a relatively stable hormones. The course recommends taking holosas to facilitate the flow of bile.

The duration of the first course should be about 6 weeks. PCT after danabol is necessary, although many argue to the contrary. An antiestrogen and hepatoprotectors are taken on PCT.

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