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The life of bodybuilders is in enhanced meals and workouts, very often the liver suffers from such loads. The drug Liv 52 in bodybuilding has long been a wand for many athletes, especially for those who have spoiled their health with various chemicals. Just want to say that the drug is inexpensive and is sold in every pharmacy, it is used to treat various liver diseases, which are associated with various factors, such as alcohol, a virus, and so on.

It is safe to say that Liv 52 in bodybuilding can be used by all athletes without exception. The composition of the tablets or drops are only extracts specially selected herbs, allergy to which is extremely rare. This is an exclusively herbal preparation that is valuable for a bodybuilder in that it is able to increase the metabolism of proteins in the liver and restore damaged tissues. This factor is very important for an athlete, because those who are seriously engaged in bodybuilding can estimate how much food they have to eat per day in order to achieve the desired result, and this is a considerable burden on both the liver and other organs.


  1. In medical practice, Liv 52 is used to treat various liver diseases.
  2. Liv 52 in bodybuilding, often rescues beginners who have just begun to eat hard. Tablets help stimulate digestion and the general well-being of young people does not deteriorate.
  3. For us, Liv 52 is interesting primarily for its ability to enhance protein synthesis in the liver, accelerate the processes of regeneration (recovery) of damaged tissue and stimulate the processes of digestion, which is a lot important in conditions of enhanced nutrition.
  4. By the way, Liv 52 along with potassium orotate, riboxin is used in many schemes of pharmacological support of professional athletes in different periods of the training process. If you train to gain muscle mass, along with proper nutrition, you need to take this medication.

How to take Liv 52

Take the drug should be 2 tablets 3 times a day during the meal. Tablets can be chewed and washed down with water. Have a bitter taste. It is necessary to take courses for about 1 month, optimally in the second half of the training cycle, when the load reaches its maximum and additional potential is needed for recovery.

If you are taking steroid drugs, for example, methandienone, then taking Liv 52 is simply vital. This will save your liver from the toxic effects of the decay products of dianabol.

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