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Female sexual disorders leading to loss of sexual desire are called “hypolibidemia” and are recommended for medical treatment. Unlike male impotence, it is not customary to talk about female impotence. And it is in vain, since there are already pills for women that can bring back the pleasure of sex. One of the most effective drugs for women, an analogue of female Viagra, is the generic Fliban 100.

How does the female Viagra acts?

Fliban 100 contains Flibanserin, which is an antagonist of the serotonin receptor subtypes 1A and 2A. Stimulation of these receptors causes the growth of dopamine and norepinephrine in the prefrontal cortex without which sexual desire cannot appear. Since the causative agent for women, Fibanserin has an effect “in the head”, the genitals receive a signal of sexual desire from the brain and the woman experiences 100% natural sensations and readiness for sex.

Who should buy Fliban 100?

Viagra for women will be useful to many of the fair sex and not only those who are called frigid.
Consider ordering FLIBAN if one of the points below applies to you:

  • The proposal to have sex from your partner has become less likely to cause you delight
  • Decreased need for sex as before
  • It’s hard for you to relax and switch from daytime chores to sex.
  • It’s harder for you to reach orgasm than before.
  • You do not have an orgasm at all
  • Decreased brightness of sexual sensations

Libido in women depends on many factors. The pills will not improve your husband and will not find you a lover. But female Viagra will help to get maximum pleasure from sex, which is in your life. Moreover, the price of FLIBAN is not more expensive than a tube of lipstick.

Instructions for use Fliban 100 (Flibanserin)

  • Available in the form of red-pink triangular tablets. There are 2 schemes for taking an Indian generic:
    1 pill 30 minutes before intercourse, if you need to increase sexual desire from time to time. Valid until 8 o’clock.
  • 1 tablet Fliban at bedtime for 30 days for cycle correction libido.
    The drug FLIBAN reviews do not recommend taking alcohol together with the pathogen to reduce the risk of side effects.

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