Fertigyn (Pregnyl)



Fertigyn, also known as Pregnyl, is an injectable drug used in combination with an athlete’s steroid cycle that has the active ingredient Gonadotropin. Created by Sun Pharmaceuticals, this complimentary drug helps athletes maintain the right natural hormonal balance and maintain testicular health during their steroid cycle.


Effects Of Fertigyn

This hormonal drug stimulates testosterone production in males and prevents testicular atrophy during an anabolic steroid cycle. The athlete can expect to feel the effects of the drug 2 hours after the first injection and then again 2 days later another surge occurs. This allows the body to produce testosterone naturally again, making it ideal for men taking a long cycle of anabolic enhancing steroids where the body stops natural production.


How To Use Fertigyn

Only to be used for longer steroid cycles, there is generally no need to take Fertigyn with shorter steroid cycles as the body should still be producing normal levels of testosterone.

The recommended dosage for athletes 250-500 IU 2 times a week. In extreme cases, where the cycle length is even longer than normal, the drug must be used in the PCT with an increased dosage of 2000 IU. For athletes that are on a permanent cycle of steroids, the drug needs to be taken continuously over a 5-week cycle with breaks in between of 1-2 weeks.


Potential Side Effects

It is not likely that any side effects will be experienced, but in some cases, athletes have reported a few. Some of these side effects include gynecomastia, rashes, increased hair growth or loss, and hypertrophy of the prostate.

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