XTANE (Exemestane)


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Exemestane is an orally taken aromatase inhibitor which is also known as Aromasin. Developed by Natco Pharma, users combine XTANE with a cycle of anabolic steroids. This acts as an aromatase inhibitor which prevents some of the detrimental side effects that can occur while enhancing the effects of the steroid cycle.


Effects Of Aromasin

Typically used as a pairing to a high-powered steroid cycle, Exemestane allows athletes to avoid health problems such as gynecomastia from manifesting. As an added benefit it also compliments the cycle with the following benefits:

  • Increases muscle definition
  • Reduces chances of hypertension
  • Normalizes natural hormonal levels
  • Increases libido
  • Increases anabolic hormones in the body


It is advised that you speak with a sports physician before starting the use of Exemestane to see if it is right for you. Women should not use this for athletic purposes.


How To Use Exemestane

It is recommended that a dosage of 12.5mg is used every 3-4 days and should only begin at the start of the 3rd week of the steroid cycle. If there are signs of gynecomastia beginning to show, the dosage can be increased to 25mg per day until the side effects are gone.


Potential Side Effects

Side effects will generally only happen if the dosage or dosage length has been exceeded. In this case, some side effects that have been noted are mood swings, nausea, insomnia, lowered libido, hot flashes, and muscle pain.


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