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EQ 300 is an injectable steroid, also known as Equipoise, with the active ingredient of Boldenone Undecylenate. Developed by Dragon Pharma, athletes use this powerful steroid when muscle mass is the main goal of their training regimen.


Effects Of EQ 300

Due to the long esters in the drug, it does not require the same number of injections as Propionate based steroids, while still maintaining consistent hormonal levels during the cycle. Some of the main benefits that users can expect in a cycle are:

  • Increased appetite
  • Major gains of muscle mass
  • Increases in strength and endurance indicators
  • More definition in muscles
  • Can be easily combined with other steroids
  • Increased appetite


How To Use EQ 300

The recommended dosage for EQ 300 for men is between 400-800mg per week, and for women it is between 50-100mg per week. It is ideal to to begin the cycle with a lower dose of 200-400mg for the first weeks, and increase to the maximum by the 4th and 5th weeks. The maximum dosage length for a cycle should be 8-10 weeks, follow by a PCT that lasts 2-3 weeks when the cycle is complete.


Potential Side Effects

Side effects are rare and only usually occur if the dosage or cycle length has been exceeded. Some of the side effects that a user might experience are acne, a suppression of natural testosterone production, decrease in libido and sexual function, and kidney and liver damage.

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