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Dymethazine is an orally taken prohormone also known as DMZ. Created by I Force Nutrition, this prohormone is ideal for athletes that want to see physical gains even over short cycles without any injections needed.


Effects Of Dymethazine

Very similar to the effects of Trenbolone, it also bares similarities to Superdrol. One of the reasons that it is chosen by athletes is due to the lack of aromatization that users experience, while increasing levels of testosterone in the body. Some of the beneficial effects during a cycle that users will experience are:

  • Up to 12kg of lean muscle mass gains during a cycle
  • Increased strength and endurance indicators
  • Higher levels of fat burned during the cycle
  • No fluid retention or rollback phenomenon after the cycle


Usually used in drying cycles, athletes can use this to gain great muscle definition while still gaining mass.


How To Use Dymethazine

The recommended dosage is 30mg per day but depends on the individual and their tolerance as well as their training goals. A cycle can last up to 12 weeks, with most athletes using it in 4-week cycles.

Combining Dymethazine with other steroids can be a very effective way to achieve maximum results. Many athletes like to combine it with steroids that do have an aromatizing effect for maximum gains.


Potential Side Effects

If used in recommended doses and recommended dosage length, side effects are rare. If recommendations aren’t followed users can experience possible heart disease, liver damage, infertility, behavioral changes, gynecomastia, and hair loss.

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