Caberlin 0.5


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Caberlin 0.5 or Cabergoline is a potent substance that reduces the production of the female hormone prolactin and thus contributes to the removal of excess fluid from the body and an increase in muscle mass. In bodybuilding, it is used to suppress the side effects of anabolic steroids (most often athletes take steroids such as Trenbolone and Decaprime).

Cabgolin effects

During bodybuilding classes, Cabergoline is indispensable, because its regular use affects the quality and effectiveness of training. Other positive effects of the drug include the following:

  • increase endurance during workouts;
  • muscle mass gain;
  • improvement of mood, general physical and mental condition;
  • the man begins to feel stronger and more confident, as well as resistant to external stimuli, competitiveness increases;
  • the drug contributes to a greater production of testosterone, which is especially evident during exercise; gives fat burning effect.


Contraindications and side effects

Most athletes who actively use the drug, highly appreciate its effectiveness and extremely positive effect on temperament. But it is also worth learning about the limitations and consequences of its misuse.

Instructions for use

The use of this tool often occurs simultaneously with the cycles of Trenbolone and Nandrolone. The dosage should correspond to its own level of hormone produced. If it is normal, then it is recommended to take Cabergoline no more than once a week, in the amount of 0.25 mg at any meal time. You can also increase the frequency of taking the drug and use it to 0.5 g every 4 days, but in this case it is important not to overdo it with the dosage.

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