Androxine is an injectable steroid with the active ingredient Trenbolone. Developed by Alpha Pharma, this performance enhancing drug is popular among athletes due to the lack of aromatization that occurs during a cycle, making it one of the safest steroids available with one of the biggest impacts on performance.


Effects Of Androxine

Users will notice a near immediate effect after the first injection. It raises the levels of testosterone in the body by 5 times in both anabolic and androgenic indexes. Paired with the proper training schedule and diet during the cycle, users can expect the following beneficial effects:


  • Higher strength and endurance indicators
  • Gains of lean muscle mass with no rollback phenomenon after the cycle is finished
  • Faster recovery times after workouts
  • Increased fat burning
  • Higher libido
  • Improved mood
  • Reduced catabolic levels


Able to be used by beginner athletes and both male and female athletes alike, it is one of the more accessible steroids on the market. Another added benefit is the short amount of time that it stays in the body after the last injection, being completely removed after only 3 days. This makes it easy for athletes to use it for training before competition while still allowing them to pass doping tests.


How To Use Androxine

To find out the proper dosage for you it is always advised that a sports physician is consulted so that the correct amount for the individual can be calculated. Recommended dosage usually falls between 25-50mg per day. Due to the frequent injections, it is advised to rotate injection sites throughout the week. The length of a cycle is between 6-10 weeks and depends on the goals of the individual. Exceeding these dosages and dosage lengths can cause unwanted side effects.


Potential Side Effects

Side effects generally only occur when a user has exceeded recommended dosage limits. Some of the effects that can occur are decreased natural levels of testosterone, acne, loss of strength, decreased libido, insomnia, testicular atrophy, and aggressiveness.

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