Testoheal Capsules (Andriol Test caps)


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Testoheal Capsules are an orally taken steroid with the active ingredient Testosterone Undecanoate. Developed by the pharmaceutical company Healing Pharma, this testosterone ester is dissolved in oil allowing it to be absorbed by the body’s lymphatic system. Due to the drug being delivered to the body in this way, it does not affect the liver in a negative way, making it one of the safer choices for athletes wanting to enhance their performance.


Effects Of Testosterone Undecanoate Capsules

Because it does not have an extremely powerful effect, many athletes combine it with other steroids to achieve maximum potential during a cycle. Some of the main benefits that users will experience during a cycle are:

  • Faster recovery times
  • Increased libido and sexual appetite
  • Increased mood and energy
  • Increase in fat-free mass gains


How To Use Andriol Test caps

Test Undecanoate capsules are to be taken with meals to be absorbed into the body properly. They should not be taken with greasy foods as it will impede the delivery of the active substance. The recommended dosage for beginners the dosage should start at 60-80mg per day and for more experienced users the dosage can be between 120-160mg daily. If a stronger anabolic effect is wanted it can be increased up to 240mg daily but runs the risk of unwanted side effects and reaction needs to be monitored. It is not recommended that women use this for performance enhancement.


Potential Side Effects

Some users have experienced side effects from the drug. These range from acne, sleeplessness, anxiety and mood swings to muscle tension, nausea, increased blood pressure, shortness of breath, and hot flashes.

If used in the recommended dosage and dosage length no side effects should occur.


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