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Anastrozolos 1 is an orally taken aromatase inhibitor with the active ingredient Anastrozole. Created by Pharmacom Labs, this is used to prevent and help remedy the negative effects that strong anabolic steroids can have on the body.


Effects Of Anastrozole

As a very fast acting drug, the effects of this can be felt within 2 hours of taking it, meaning it can begin actively suppressing aromatization almost immediately after its ingested. Some of the beneficial effects that the user will experience are:

  • Up to 80% reduction of aromatization
  • Estrogen blocking properties
  • Less fluid retention
  • Reduces chance of, and treats gynecomastia


Anastrozole works by blocking estrogen from binding to receptors, keeping it from effecting the user in a negative way.


How To Use Anastrozole

The recommended dosage for users is between 0.25-1mg daily. It can be used either during the cycle alongside the steroids being taken, or after the cycle during the PCT. If being used to counteract symptoms during a cycle the dosage length is one week or until all symptoms are gone. If being taken during PCT it is recommended for a length of 2-4 weeks. It should be taken before meals with water.


Potential Side Effects

While side effects are rare, if not taken in the proper dosage they can occur. Some side effects that users have experienced are sweating, weakness, nausea, loss of appetite, and hot flashes.


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